Social Tenant's Bedroom Limit Calculator

This easy calculator enables you to see the effect of the April 2013 changes to Housing Benefit for tenants in the social rented sector. The changes will reduce the amount of Housing Benefit paid where the dwelling occupied has more bedrooms than are needed – according to the the UK government – by the people who are living there.

If you (or your partner) are of pension age (61 or older at the moment) then you are not affected by these changes. If you have both rent and a mortgage to pay under a 'shared ownership' scheme, or live in supported exempt accommodation, then you are also not affected.

Members of the armed forces, who live in the household but may be absent for long periods on active service, should be included in the numbers below.

Household composition
(Including non-dependants – but not foster children)
N.B. The above is a count of couples, not of persons.
Children (if any) – tick if a child is receiving DLA care component at the high or middle rate and is not reasonably able to share a bedroom with another child:
Special needs
Dwelling details

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