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These reckoners, which are amongst those normally only supplied with Ferret's calculation advice systems, are intended to help advisers with particular assessments which may fall outside our core systems. They are designed to help advisers.

For the duration of the Coronavirus 19 emergency, Ferret are making them freely available for use by advisers.

They are not definitive advice and advisers should make sure that they check and understand the results carefully. We cannot accept any liability for the use of the reckoners... You are using them at your own risk, and by using them accept those terms.

We regret that our Helpline, which provides support for our systems and reckoners, will only be available to subscribers. Please notify any errors or suggestions to reckoner_support@ferret.co.uk

Ferret's Self-employment IncomeSupport Scheme (SEISS) Reckoner This reckoner provides estimates of support for self-employed people during the covid-19 crisis
Minimum Income Floor reckonerIf self-employed, there will be a minimum income floor (MIF) which the DWP use for Universal Credit, even if real earnings are lower. Estimate what this should be.
Home Equity under loans for mortgage interest
(from April 2018)
See how equity could vary in future as interest rates and home prices change
Self-employed ExpensesQuickly estimate the monthly expenses for Universal Credit
Surplus Earnings for Universal CreditEstimate how earnings, which have stopped Universal Credit from payment, will reduce further claims within 6 months.
Particularly useful for weekly paid people who may see 5 paydays in one period stopping UC.
Self-employed Losses carry-forwardEstimate how losses in previous Universal Credit periods are taken into account for later assessments
Emergency Tax for pensionsHow much initial tax is payable when taking lump sums from a pension
Pay Periods in Universal CreditThe payments cycle in Universal Credit
State Pension AgeShows when State Pension Age is reached and when 'Mixed Age Couple' rules will apply
Combined PeriodsPay & Rent Periods in UC
Better Off in Work - no UCA Better-Off Changing Work Reckoner for those not receiving UC
Better Off in Work with UCA Better-Off Changing Work Reckoner for those receiving UC

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