Ferret's Surplus Earnings Reckoner        
Apologies - an error in compilation caused an incorrect threshold date to be used in the version of the reckoner before 26th May 2020. Please reassess any examples.
  Do you have current claim for UC in payment?
  Date of this new claim
  Are you claiming as a couple?
  Is this your first claim as this couple?
    1st Person 2nd Person      
  Did either of you have a previous UC award (either as a single person or as a member of a couple)?
  Was this as single or couple
  Maximum Universal Credit, in that claim      
  Unearned Income, in that claim      
  Work Allowance, in that claim      
  Total earned Income in last assessment period of that claim      
  Surplus  attributable to Joint, Self or Ex-partner
  Were you a victim of domestic violence? (See reg 98)
  Claimant earnings  in last AP        
  Partner earnings in last AP        
  Maximum Universal Credit         
  Unearned Income        
  Have you, or your partner (if any),  been assessed as having a 'limited capability for work'?
  Are you responsible for a child under 16 or a young person in non-advanced education under 20?
  Does your UC claim include an amount for housing costs?
  Self Employed?
  Minimum Income Floor - Not applying in 2020 /2021 See Ferrets's MIF Reckoner      
  £2,500 buffer has been extended for benefit year 20 / 21          
  Surplus Earnings Adjustment          
  Actual Earnings - period 1 Earned Income - New claim period 1 Original Surplus Earnings Total earned income for UC Surplus earnings carried  forward UC payable in period 1
  Actual Earnings - period 2 Earned Income - New claim period 2       UC payable in period 2
  Actual Earnings - period 3 Earned Income - New claim period 3       UC payable in period 3
  Actual Earnings - period 4 Earned Income - New claim period 4       UC payable in period 4
  Actual Earnings - period 5 Earned Income - New claim period 5       UC payable in period 5
  Actual Earnings - period 6 Earned Income - New claim period 6       UC payable in period 6
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