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FINTAL 2 / FintalPPC

Fintal 2 and FintalPPC are the solutions to equity release sales compliance and welfare benefits.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has laid down regulations designed to make sure that people considering lifetime mortgages, and some other forms of equity release, do not suffer because of the effects on means-tested benefits, tax allowances and local authority grants.

The rules require those selling lifetime mortgages to consider:
  • whether someone will be worse off in terms of tax and benefits, if they take out an equity release loan, or are entitled to benefits that they are not receiving.
  • alternative methods of raising funds such as local authority grants...and advise them appropriately.
Tax and benefits for older people can be complex and apply in a significant number of cases. There are various types of lifetime mortgage. The technical complexities they create can present financial advisers with a bewildering series of factors to be considered.

The solution

Fintal 2 and FintalPPC
FintalPPC is a Pay-Per-Case service which allows advisers to outsource most of the process to specialists at Ferret. Ideal for those who don't wish to get involved in benefits, and other, assessments or who do occasional equity release cases.
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Fintal 2 is the proven system for the adviser with frequent cases or who wants the power of the system in their own hands. Flexibility, 'what-if' assessments on change of circumstances and a wide range of additional non means-tested benefits make this an unmatched advice tool.
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