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What is the nature of your holiday pay issue?

Do you have a set holiday year? The holiday year is the point in the year when you get a new set of holiday entitlement. Many employers will start all their employees' annual leave year on the same date. This might be detailed in your contract or staff handbook.

When does your leave year start?

When did you start work? (dd/mm/yyyy)

Last day of employment (dd/mm/yyyy)

How many days a week did you work?              

Do you have any additional holiday days that should be included in this calculation? Enter the number of additional days, or 0 if you do not have any.   You may be entitled to additional holiday under your contract (the statutory entitlement is a minimum). But you should only include additional days here if your contract also gives you a right to a payment for accrued holiday pay that is calculated in the same way as the statutory right.

How much holiday taken since start of year (in days)?  

What is your weekly pay? £   

Do you have a contractual entitlement?