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Ferret makes an effort to enable accessibility to its sites for all visitors. Below is a list of our web site access keys.

Access Keys

h = home page
o = solutions
t = training
s = support
f = company
c = contacts
a = accessibility (this page)

How to use the Access Keys

In order to use the Access Keys we need to press a browser-specific key combination followed by the desired Access Key.

So, just follow the instructions for your browser below to use the Access Keys:

  • Internet Explorer users need to press ALT + [Access Key], followed by the ENTER or RETURN key.
  • Firefox users need to press ALT + SHIFT + [Access Key].
  • Opera users need to press SHIFT + ESC + [Access Key]

Attention: if you are using a Macintosh operating system you may need to press the CTRL key instead of the ALT key.

If you feel this does not help, please contact us and provide us as much information as possible regarding what you can and cannot understand, as well as what you think could be improved.

Accessibility Contacts

4 Coopers Yard, Curran Road, Cardiff, CF10 5NB - Wales, UK
Office: 029 2064 3333 Customer Support: 029 2064 4444
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