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Benefits & Tax

Background / Overview

Welfare law and administration change with alarming frequency. New agencies replace old, old benefits get new names, "credits" replace benefits, and rates and premiums change with frightening rapidity.

Universal Credit, and forthcoming Pension Credit changes, introduce lengthy overlapping periods of multiple systems and complex choices.

How can the adviser keep abreast of these changes?

Ferret software can assist both the specialist and less experienced adviser give accurate up to date advice about benefits, tax and specialised assessments, and even take a look into the future of forthcoming changes.


With our advanced and detailed rule-based systems you get the capability to provide a range of services from the simplest stand-alone calculator to the most sophisticated integrated authority wide advice and assessment system. All backed by our support system manned by some of the country's leading benefits specialists, our constant monitoring of legislation and our unmatched depth and accuracy of assessment.

We can provide solutions to:

  • Meet the corporate needs of a scaleable organisation;
  • Meet the needs of individual departments;
  • Meet the needs of individuals or small offices.

Today we can provide both advisor and consumer oriented solutions available on multiple platforms including: PC, Networks, Intranets, Public Web, Kiosks, Handheld PDA's and mobile phones.

  • ucForward: The PC based program that ensures advisers collect all the necessary information for the calculation of means tested welfare benefits and tax in the current and new systems, such as Universal Credit. It enables accurate advice to be given about almost all benefits and tax credits in the UK, and is supported by a vast context sensitive help system.
  • Ferrcalc: The fast accurate PC program for more experienced/expert advisers. Handles means tested benefits and tax and pension credits. Basic information is entered on a single screen making it ideal for "what if" calculations. Its unique ‘side by side’ better-off display makes in-work advice easy.
  • Social Security Law: This CD ROM archive contains all the law and guidance relating to social security and child support under the current benefit system as well as a huge amount of precedent.

You can give accurate benefits advice, and you'll be right first time with Ferret.