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Test of Resources Housing Grants Calculation Software.

Background / Overview

Local Authorities have a duty to provide grants to enable disabled persons to have adaptations to their homes in respect of their disability. The eligible works are specified by the Housing Grants 1996 Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act.

Local authorities must carry out a test of resources in accordance with the Housing Renewal Grant regulations and are subject to audit in respect of the accuracy of their determination.

Home Improvement Agencies and Registered Social Landlords are often called upon to give advice about grants and often act on an agency basis for local authorities.

The Solution

Ferret's Renovator software calculates contribution to cost of works for Disabled Facilities Grants in England and Wales.

Renovator PC input screen
Renovator PC input screen

It carries out detailed calculations to arrive at the Applicable Amount and Income for Disabled Facilities Grant applicants and provides the user with an accurate figure for both the client contribution and grant payable. Renovator can also handle cases where there are multiple relevant persons.

Renovator is supplied for use on computers with a currently supported Windows operating system. The software is also suitable for tablets that employ a full Windows 8.0, 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system.


  • Enables an authority to accurately and easily assess the client's disabled facilities grant payable and their level of contribution
  • Eliminates the arithmetical errors that can easily occur in manual calculations due to the complexity of the process
  • Has an easy to use and intuitive dialogue supported by a context sensitive and detailed help facility
  • Cases can be "locked" after final determination to provide "tamperproof" long term records for audit purposes
  • Help can be accessed independently
  • Mobile access via a tablet enables the user to give comprehensive advice on site at the preliminary assessment stage
  • The system is always up to date and accurate
  • Can be networked to serve multiple users
  • Can be up and running in a matter of days

Renovator provides an easy-to-use dialogue, to assist with information collection which will allow assessments to be made by members of staff who are not necessarily specialists.

Renovator PC help screen
Renovator PC help screen

Renovator's dialogue is enhanced by context sensitive help. The help system is huge and is accessible independently of the calculation program.

Renovator deals with the most complicated of cases including multiple relevant persons.

Output calculation screen
Output calculation screen

Renovator data can be transferred to and from standalone PC, laptop, tablet and network installations and can be saved, loaded and amended as required. Printed copy can be produced of the results and a summary of case input details. After final determination cases can be "locked" to render them tamperproof and secure for audit purposes.

Renovator comes as a package including the renowned Ferret Helpline service which is there for system support, and the legislation of test of resources.

Renovator is in use in over 60% of local authorities in the England and Wales.

The test of resources legislation is complicated, subject to change annually at least. Manual calculations are extremely difficult due to the involvement of various premiums and multipliers.

Renovator eliminates all these factors and Ferret keeps the software up to date, all you need to do is enter the case information.

Renovator is complemented by our Renovation Grants Law CD containing comprehensive details of test of resources legislation plus Ferret annotations.

Ferret can also offer test of resources training at all levels. Scheduled events at venues throughout the country are held in Spring and Autumn, and in-house events are also available.

For further details regarding software or training, please email info@ferret.co.uk or contact the Ferret office on 029 2064 3333.

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