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Fintal 2


FINTAL 2 is the second-generation of Ferret’s holistic benefits and lifetime mortgage calculation and advice system, produced in consultation with equity release industry experts, backed by the CML and specifically designed for use by those providing lifetime mortgage advice to clients.

It makes use of the latest technologies and extends the original capabilities of the industry-leading Fintal program.

Designed to cope with the latest changes to the financial system, Fintal 2 is even easier to use and more powerful.

Fintal 2 dialogue screen

FINTAL dialogue screen


  • Enables accurate, on the spot calculation and advice, saving delays in decision making process
  • Helps to build trust between adviser and client
  • Provides an audit trail for compliance
  • Clear and comprehensive graphical representations to demonstrate "what if" situations, projections, and the relationship between Income and Capital
  • Structured dialogue ensures capture of all relevant information
  • Context sensitive help and information system for support
  • Kept up to date and accurate by an updating service as part of the annual contract
  • Deployable on desktop PC's, laptop's, and networks
  • Advanced tax and notional income calculations
  • Supported by telephone Helpline which includes benefits advice as well as technical issues

Compare competitors and Fintal 2
Working Age BenefitstickX
Tax Creditstick X
Older peoples benefitsticktick
Local Council Tax Reductiontick X
Universal CredittickX
Mixed Age Couplestick X
Full calculation detailstickX
Tables of ranges of capital receivedtick X
Chart of ranges of capital receivedtick X
Tables of ranges of income receivedtickX
Chart of ranges of income receivedtick X
Tax calculations of incometickX
Non dependents impacttick X
Full benefits assessment capability for other casestick X
Calculates notional pension incometick X
Calculates emergency taxtickX
Calculates gross pension from net receivedtick X

FINTAL 2 is structured around an intelligent, easy-to-use dialogue, enhanced by context sensitive help and information. The dialogue ensures all relevant data is collected, skipping questions unnecessary for that client, and enables assessments to be made by those who are not specialists in welfare benefits.

FINTAL 2 adopts an holistic approach which ensures a client's benefit income is maximised. Various scenarios can quickly and easily explored with the client on the spot. This enables the adviser to provide the best produce advice, building trust and minimising delays in the decision making process.

FINTAL 2 can produce an "on screen" graphical representation clearly displaying capital, gross and net income, elements of income, and the effect of income and capital rules and entitlement to benefits and pension credits. The detail and clarity of this information can illustrate the start and finish points of access to benefits and assist the adviser in formulating recommendations.

Fintal Results Screen

Part of FINTAL 2 benefits results screen

FINTAL 2 can save cases for review over the period of the mortgage pre-sales engagement, allowing a review of information already considered and printed copy can be provided for the client to support recommendations. Information can easily be extracted from program output for inclusion in correspondence. After the sale is concluded saved cases and hard copy can serve as long term evidence of financial adviser compliance with the legislation.

FINTAL 2 is backed by the renowned Ferret helpline service that is not just there for system support, but also to answer queries around the administration and basis of benefits and the law behind them. Ferret's constant monitoring of the law and precedent ensures that, at a time of change, the system will always be accurate and up to date.

Net income by capital level

FINTAL 2 chart showing effect of increasing capital

FINTAL 2 has been produced in consultation with equity release and lifetime mortgage experts. It is backed by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and assists in conformance with their good practice notes. Effect of increasing income

FINTAL 2 table showing the effect of increasing income

FINTAL 2 meets all the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) legislation. It ensures the clients benefit income is maximised, enables the financial adviser to present the client with options for consideration, and can provide long term evidence that all the relevant factors were considered and the best possible advice was given to the client at the time

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