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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 What is the difference between Guarantee Pension Credit (GPC) and Savings Pension Credit (SPC)?
2 How come my client is getting SPC when they have no savings?
3 What is an AIP?
4 If my client is in an AIP, is there any situation where they will need to notify the DWP or local authority of an increase in their income or capital?
5 Are state benefits paid on a monthly basis?
6 Why do you need details of my client's Council Tax liability when they get a full rebate?
7 What figure should I input for Council Tax liability?
8 Which mortgages, or what parts of a mortgage, will be included in PC entitlement?
9 In the FINTAL program how do I access the Capital reckoner and what can I do with it?
10 What is a family for benefit purposes?
11 What effect will there be on means-tested benefit entitlement if a client gives money away to a relative?
12 What effect will there be on means-tested benefit entitlement if my client acquires money via equity release but the money is only ever held by their solicitor and s/he spends it on the client's behalf?
13 How is "drawdown" treated?
14 How is a second house/property treated?
15 How should National Savings Certificates (NSC) be valued?
16 How should War Pensions be treated?
17 Is industrial injuries benefit treated as income?
18 How should annuity income be treated?
19 How are "bonds" treated?

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