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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Can you give me a brief outline of how the DFG means-test works?
2 Where can I read the latest amendments to the Housing Renewal Grants legislation?
3 How does the Qualifying Age for State Pension Credit (QASPC) impact on DFG calculations for over 60s ?
4 What is a child?
5 How do you treat the Income and/or Capital of a Child/Young Person?
6 How should DFG applications including foster children be treated?
7 How do you print a report from Renovator where you've processed a Child's DFG application?
8 How is a second house/property treated?
9 How should National Savings Certificates (NSC) be valued?
10 How should War Pensions be treated?
11 How should payments from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme be treated?
12 My customer lives in a house owned by a family member. Who makes the application?
13 Is industrial injuries benefit treated as income?
14 How should pension credits be treated?
15 How does the DFG means-test treat Universal Credit (UC)?
16 How are working tax credit and child tax credit treated?
17 How do I treat Employment Support Allowance (ESA)?
18 Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – contributory or income-related?
19 How should annuity income be treated?
20 How are loan or mortgage protection insurance payments treated?
21 The relevant person was awarded maintenance, it has not been paid.
22 Trust funds and income from them
23 The relevant person gets a regular amount from a local authority, government or charity source, to pay for a carer. Can it be ignored?
24 The Relevant Person doesn't work because they are sick, but they still get an income from their employer. How is this treated?
25 Over what period should earnings be assessed?
26 Who is eligible to have child care costs taken into account?
27 Who is a Non-dependant?
28 When is Severe Disability Premium awarded?
29 What sort of Council Tax Benefit is a "passport" to a full grant?
30 The Relevant Person receives Concessionary Coal Payments. How is this treated?
31 How do I deal with an application from an "occupier" (someone who lives in a caravan or houseboat)?
32 My client has spent some of their capital, should I treat them as still having it for means-testing purposes?
33 How is Equity Release treated for DFG purposes?
34 How are "bonds" treated?
35 My customer has a "pension pot". Is this capital? If not, what is it?
36 The property is jointly owned by the applicant and a housing association (or similar). Is the applicant considered an owner or tenant?

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